About the Author

E. E. McGill started creating her own language when she was twelve so that she could write stories in it and never have to worry about other people reading them. At fourteen, she started writing Arcania, Book One of the Antarctic Circle, and intended to keep it secret until one of her best friends got suspicious and asked why she was carrying an enormous green journal everywhere. The joy that she had revealing Arcania to her friend was overwhelming, and Arcania quickly turned into a bigger idea.

Her first novel, The Antarctic Circle: Arcania, released in June of 2020 and became a best-seller in Christian fiction. Written for teens and adults, the series explores themes of xenophobia, religious persecution, civil disobedience, border policy disputes, national security, nanotechnology, environmental and resource crises, etc. through the eyes of a teenage immigrant and a teenage native of Antarctica.

McGill loves spending time with her hubby and their three bright little stars, their children. She also enjoys the the Bible, Creationism, Lord of the Rings; anime; cryptozoology; etymology; drawing; hiking; discovering new recipes that get a smile from her hubby; and teaching her children about the love of Jesus and the very good news that He's making all things new, that He's saved the world and can show them how to love others as he loves us.