I started creating my own language when I was twelve so that I could write stories in it and never have to worry about other people reading them. Mainly because I used the name of whatever bully was bothering me as the villain's name. It would have been awkward if a friend read that and happened to spread it around school that I was writing stories about So and So usurping thrones and poisoning people.

At fourteen, I began Arcania, Book One of the Antarctic Circle, and intended to keep it secret until one of my best friends got suspicious and asked why I was carrying an enormous green journal everywhere. The joy that I had revealing Arcania to her was overwhelming, and Arcania turned into a bigger idea.


As for hobbies, I love reading, drawing, anime, cryptozoology, etymology, drawing, hiking, and anime. And anime.

​While I feel a lot of tension with some of the subject matter inside certain anime, there's a lot I find positive about the genre. I love the depth of character interactions and the emotions they express to each other. If you've ever watched a Christian film and cringed at the awkward "un-realness" of characters' conversion scenes, it's hard to image ever pulling that off on screen in an authentic, gripping way. However, I think anime has the capacity to do this better than any other genre.

Don't get me wrong --- while thankful for their contribution, I don't want to see the Left Behind series remade into an anime, nor do I feel like another manga version of the Gospel is necessary. I DO want to see classic anime stories by Christian authors.

Here's a secret I will share with you: If, LORD-willing, any of my books from the Antarctic Circle Series are made into movies, I want them to be done as anime. With a few exceptions, I feel like most live-action versions of sci-fi/fantasy books are a tremendous disappointment to both author and reader. I feel that anime is better-suited to depict many of these stories.

My Favorite Manga/Anime

Fairytail - a great introduction into anime. Has a lot of magic content. NALU!

​Naruto (duh) - My husband used to watch this whenever I was at work because I thought it was so obnoxious (young Naruto is obnoxious and loud). At that time, I hated all anime except Howl's Moving Castle. However, I saw a few of the Naruto episodes with Sasuke and got hooked. Now, I love all the characters.

​Hyouka - This anime is low key and has distinct classical music. It's a charming story about a Classic Lit Club turned detectives.

Fruits Basket - I refused to try this one because of the title. Then, one of my husband's friends mentioned something about loving it. That raised my brow. This is both a manga and an anime. We watched the 2019 version. This anime works in mythology about the zodiac and explores the bonds of humanity, and you will cry hard core (in a happy way). The title makes sense after you watch it. It's actually probably the best title that could have been chosen.

Sword Art Online - So GameLit animes are a dime a dozen nowadays, but I think this is like the Lord of the Rings of its genre.

The Shield Hero - another Gamelit anime, but one of the quality ones. So compelling.

Edens Zero - a space odyssey manga! Super fun, and you may notice a bit of similarity between it and Fairytail. ;) (However, I'd love it if there were less fan service. Like, wow.)

What I care about

A portion of every sale goes to my local church and/or a Christian organization such as Answers in Genesis. Whenever possible, I read through each organization's statement of belief. An organization must be in agreement with the Apostle's Creed in order to receive donations.

​While not a part of regular donations from my sales, I also support companies and organizations who promote Biblical education and culture, digital privacy, health freedom, and free speech. Examples are Pureflix, Protonmail, MeWe, and ICAN.


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