Vulcan's Tale: An Epic of Arcanland released in January of 2020.

This epic poem, featured in part within The Antarctic Circle: Arcania, introduces readers to the hidden nations of Antarctica, following the legendary Prince Vulcan on his rocky path toward inheritance. 

"Cloaked by a steel-frame diamond Dome,
by snow and lore and catacomb,
there ruled a dark and lovely king,
seated upon a goldwood throne.
And he, aelfin king, bore one son,
whose princely name was Vulcan."
The Antarctic Circle: Arcania released June 2020. Ranked an Amazon Bestseller!

Set in Antarctica, one of earth's final frontiers, the story follows 15-year-old Evenéiel Collins after she stumbles into an ancient, post-diluvian civilization. Arcania. For four thousand years, this kingdom lay hidden beneath enormous, geodesic Domes―but has Eve brought an end to its Secrecy? The law of the land is against her, and Eve must learn to blend in with the indigenous peoples, or she and her friends will face the wrath of the Arcanian king.
E.E. McGill does a superb job of piecing together her action-packed moments with heart and poignancy, which for me, is rare to find in a fantasy book!... I have read many fantasy books, but none have hit me quite as hard as The Antarctic Circle: Arcania. - Redheaded Book Lover


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